Real Talk


LADIES, it's happening.

Remember this post a few months back? Well, as with all ambitious projects, the idea of a woman run/women driven/giving back website took some...tweaking...but I'm happy to report WE'RE DOING THIS. 

I am collaborating with some of the very best female makers to create some beautiful exclusive and limited items just for you. And as promised, I am paying these female makers wholesale because girl needs to get PAID. And also as promised, a generous portion of the profits (from my end) will be set aside for a women/children's organization, cause or event.

Get excited. Mark...

Holiday Craft Fair Season!

It is my most favorite time of the year. I love the holidays. Let me repeat. I. LOVE. THE. FREAKIN. HOLIDAYS. As soon as Labor Day rolls around, I'm planning Halloween costumes. Then I'm planning Thanksgiving desserts. Then I'm planning crafty Christmas gifts. Then I'm planning how to keep a toddler up for New Year's. Then I'm planning how to keep a toddler up for Chinese New Year's.

It's awesome.

Have I mentioned I love planning?

And if you like planning...

Jerry Maguireing

I draw things. I draw feminist things. And I draw them for your daughter.

Because raising our daughters to believe in themselves, to value themselves and to treat others with compassion is beautiful but we'd be fooling ourselves if we believed that was enough. Because one day, and one day much too soon, she will leave this tiny circle of home and enter the very real world of a still very patriarchal society. Because we would be doing her an injustice if we let her believe the generation...

The F Word

I thought I wanted to create work that would empower girls. In earlier versions of this collection, I incorporated encouraging words like "brave" and "strong" and "free". But the longer I thought about it, the more those words left a bad taste in my mouth. And I have come to realize it is because...I don't want to empower girls.

Wanting to empower girls was to imply girls needed empowering.

And to be honest, all the girls I know are pretty damn badass as is. They don't need pandering to. 

Not to mention, using words like "brave" and "strong"...

Art Lessons from a One Year Old

Why must art be taken so seriously?

Why must it hang in a gallery or win awards for it to be art?

Why must artist statements read like a therapist's notepad?

Why must we dissect every line and critique every shade?

Why must it be art historically relevant?

Why must art be difficult and unapproachable and aloof?

Why do I have to appreciate art?

Why can't I just like art? 

Why can't I just think the colors are pretty?

Why can't I just like the way it plays off my curtains?

Why can't I touch it?