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Girl Crush Launch Party Recap

The Girl Crush Launch Party happened over two weeks ago and I'm still coming down from that high. It was AMAZING, you guys. But I wouldn't do it justice if I didn't start by introducing the latest THREE collaborations to the bunch. 

Panties Planter
Lisa Chow x McCheeks Mayhem Ceramics
I have been a fan of Carole's work for a long time. She first won over my heart when I was introduced to her ceramic decals work which largely featured cats. CATS. And then I kept meeting her because Carole's kind of a neighborhood institution,...

Lisa Chow x Tiny Deer Studio

Girl Crush: Jessica Watkins of Tiny Deer Studio
Work: Photography
Location: Houston, TX

Story: One of my favorite memories with Jessica is when I asked her to take some product photos for me a couple of years ago. I brought bags of candy, boxes of macarons, spools of ribbon and confetti-galore (all in the name of proper photo styling) to her space. And she brought the talent. We giggled and swooned and picked over the dorkiest details (like proper sprinkles placement) for hours. I walked away with amazing photos...

Spring Markets

Spring markets you guys!

The Heartmade Market will be a part of the Houston Downtown District's inaugural public art project celebration: Art Blocks: The Big Bash. You guys. Houston is turning three blocks of downtown space into a public art exhibition. And the party will have food, crafts, beer and....oh, just a little musical act called The Suffers...!!!!!

And then, I'll be at FleaStyle. And I'm pretty pumped about this one because, seriously, some of my absolute...

Welcome to the Dollhouse

As my husband has pointed out, I have a tendency to over explain things and I'm about to over explain myself. You ready?

Are you familiar with blind box toys? Basically, it's like collecting baseball cards but more awesome and A random toy from a specific series is enclosed in a box and it's a surprise which one you'll get. Blind box toys are addictive (cause you wanna collect them all) and fun (the anticipation of opening a new box) and not fun (when you get a duplicate) and life affirming (when you get the elusive toy) and soul crushing (when...

Lisa Chow x Made in Rye

Girl Crush: Abigail McKenzie of Made in Rye
Work: Jewelry and Leather
Location: Houston, TX

Story: One of my most treasured items is a delicate pearl necklace gifted to me by Abbie during my pregnancy. She didn't know at the time, but my top baby name contender meant 'pearl' in French. And then soon after, Abbie trekked across the country to Brooklyn to wander, to learn and to broaden. Lucky for me, she came home.

Abbie's work manages to strike a beautiful balance between rugged and delicate. Some of my favorites:

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