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Art and Motherhood

There have been a bunch of recent articles quoting the very famous Marina Abramović declaring motherhood would have been a detriment to her art. And then, obviously, the internet went into a hoopla. A. HOOPLA.

As someone who is a woman, is an artist (albeit significantly less famous) and is a mother, I thought I'd chime in.

I don't condemn Abramović for her general thoughts on motherhood. It's true, being a mother is a lot of work and does require an enormous amount of energy. And for a...

Hello 2014

How did you ring in the new year? I rang mine in wearing old flannel pajamas while browsing Facebook which caused me to almost miss ringing in the new year. According to my mom, the way you spend new year's is indicative of how your year will go. So...mine will be filled with laziness, nosiness and a lack of punctuality. =P




Thankfully, I’m not that superstitious. I’m one of those make-your-own-luck kind of gals which is why it should come as no surprise that I LOVE making new year resolutions. Making...