Girl Crush Launch Party Recap

The Girl Crush Launch Party happened over two weeks ago and I'm still coming down from that high. It was AMAZING, you guys. But I wouldn't do it justice if I didn't start by introducing the latest THREE collaborations to the bunch. 

Panties Planter
Lisa Chow x McCheeks Mayhem Ceramics
I have been a fan of Carole's work for a long time. She first won over my heart when I was introduced to her ceramic decals work which largely featured cats. CATS. And then I kept meeting her because Carole's kind of a neighborhood institution, from running her own ceramic classes to hosting art markets to being just all around cool. She's a cool lady.

For our collaboration, I set my eyes on her recent works featuring pink glaze and gold finishes. I said "let's pull on our big girl panties". She said done.

Hand Painted Wrapping Paper
Lisa Chow x Birch & Goldberry 
Oh, Hillaree. She's like the cake guzzling, cat loving, fun making little sister I never had and always wanted. (Instead I got two stinky little brothers, but that's for another post for another day.) Hillaree is hillarious. And hanging with her is always a good time. Throw in the fact that she makes the most beautiful hand painted wrapping paper that could serve double duty as actual framed art and well...

During our first meeting about our collaboration, we gabbed over coffee, she gasped at my lack of The Golden Girls knowledge, we settled on a 90s-inspired color palette and the rest was beautiful creative collaboration history.

Silk Coil Bracelet/Choker Duo
Lisa Chow x Kari Breitigam
You know those people who are amazingly talented, effortlessly stylish and just exude cool? That's Kari. I will admit, I was a little intimidated to approach Kari. But, armed with my Girl Crush pitch, I screwed up my courage and you know what? I was right. She totally is talented, stylish and cool BUT I had zero reason to feel intimidated because Kari is also super approachable and so enthusiastic about making art. Keep an eye on that one.

I love, love, LOVE Kari's neutral colors and minimalist aesthetic. But for our Girl Crush collaboration, I challenged her to create something bright and saturated and boy, did she deliver. Deep, vibrant purples. WHAM! Iridescent thread detailing. BAM! Allllll the tassels. THANK YOU MA'AM!

And all these collaborations culminated at our Girl Crush Launch Party generously hosted by Trang of the lovely Myth & Symbol boutique.

The shop was packed with the best people. The air smelled like literal spun sugar thanks to Lush Puff. Tout Suite provided the treats, Cointreau provided the drinks and I provided the entertainment in the form of a DIY friendship bracelet making bar. Oh, I also provided the ambiant noise when my two year old and her best pal decided to turn one of the dressing rooms into their own non-soundproof screaming booth. Fun times you guys. Fun times. =D

And you wanna know the best part of the evening? The part that makes my heart sing and encourages me to continue this little Girl Crush project? We collected 571 diapers, 192 wipes, 76 tampons and 206 pads all donated to the Houston Area Women's Center.

 And THAT, my friends, is what it's all about. 





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