Bake Sale

Original. Home baked. Made from scratch.

I'm whipping up a bunch of new sweets inspired house drawings and each one is a winner.


I'm giving each house it's own high school superlative inspired award. Think Best Hair.


I'm cutting out award ribbons you can attach to each framed house.

I know, I'm a dork. But, oh my goodness, it makes me so happy when things come in neat little packages complete with their own matching accessories.

And these babies, much like a bake sale, are priced to sell. I've been wanting to find a way to get more original artwork into the hands of those who will appreciate them and this is the series to do that. 

Funfetti cupcake bungalow. Cotton candy painted lady. JELLO midcentury modern.

I'm going there.

Each dessert inspired watercolor measures 5"x7", comes framed and is shipped with its own little award ribbon. 

I'm hosting a bake sale. Get your goodies here.

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