Art Pairings - The Ladies' Parlour

I am a girl who loves a gift guide.

It's equal part fantasy shopping and part seeing how other people pull together items under a theme. I am also a girl who loves a theme.

But there are literally thousands of gift guides popping up all over the internet right now. So, what makes my gift guide different? What's my spin?

Without further adieu...

Lisa Chow's Holiday Gift Guide / Art Pairings
Fancy Art for Fancy Rooms I Cannot Afford

emma / emilyambleside / arches / curved pool / charlotte taylor

I imagine a sitting room where modern day Elizabeth Bennet lounges and reads whatever modern day Jane Austen is while sipping tea. Tea that has those blooming flowers in it. Now, that's fancy. 

Ladies' Parlour room inspiration from Emily Henderson's post on Parisian Art Deco. Because I think if I were a room, I would be Parisian Art Deco. Parisian Art Deco is my spirit room. 

Next up, children's room?

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