Winter 2013

It's almost here! My winter collection of prints and goodies is just about ready to be available on my website and at a select group of awesome retailers. Here's a peek at what's to come...
My beloved ABC chart of places and spaces. Some places were inspired by home (park, theater, university), some by travel (Parisian apartments, Portland rose garden) and some by imagination (veterinarian obviously). I wanted to create a chart that looked a little bit vintage and could be whimsical enough for a nursery yet sophisticated enough for a study. Available in tall, grande and venti sizes....or 8x10, 11x14, 12x16. =P
And while all 26 places look adorable together, they shine on their own as well. I'm calling these my ABC Flashcards. All 26 letters available in 5x7 prints. I really like the idea of collecting a few (perhaps choosing the letters that spell out your name?) and framing them together in a group. 
Two little solo winter sportsters. Available in 8x10. I love the simplicity. But there may be a few hand finished glittery snowflake embellished versions at my coming holiday markets. ;)
And finally, my Grimm-fairytales-Russian-Faberge inspired girls. I am in love with these and I have plans for many more to come (think Spring flowers). All available in 8x8 and 12x12. And maybe a few hand finished gold foiled/glittered embellished versions available at my holiday markets. ;)
In addition to the new batch of prints, I'll have a few new postcard sets, tattoos and....if I have time/things pan out....special one of a kind gifts/collectibles. Hope to see you guys soon!!!!!

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