Fall's around the corner and I LOVE FALL CLOTHES. But since I'm on a self imposed shopping moratorium, if I can't have it...my drawings will damnit.
1. Navy hat - This summer, I bought my first big girl hat and I'm in love. A whole new world of accessorizing has revealed itself to me and I don't want to stop. 
2. Plaid shirt - Bonus points if it's flannel. 
3. Suspender jeans - I actually own these already. So relaxed. So comfy. So not man-approved-sexy and only fellow awesome sauce ladies will understand.
4. Monk loafers - What I wouldn't do to get my paws on these. Drool. There's actually a lot I wouldn't do. Standards, people.
This was fun. I'll have to show more of my fashion references. What do you think?


  • Lisa Chow

    Melissa – Thanks!!! And I would LOVE to illustrate for a clothing company some day. Great idea!

  • Melissa

    I love it, especially the expression on her face. She definitely has a personality. I can definitely see a clothing company using your illustrative style in their layouts :D

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