Money Where My Mouth Is

Recently, a handful of beloved local, independently owned businesses in my neighborhood announced they would be shutting their doors for good. The resulting outpour of shock, condolences and goodbyes proves people want small businesses but...are they supporting them? Have I been supporting them?


As a small business myself, I should know better. And while I often shop and frequent local businesses, I could be doing more.

Now, I won't make absurd promises I can't keep (damn my J.Crew weakness), however, I am  making an effort to consider local/independent first. A small shift in thinking that I hope will have large effects on where my money goes.

And if you'd like to support me and the wonderful independent businesses who put their faith in my work, please visit some of these amazing shops. I have personally met several of the owners and I can tell you there is heart, passion and all around awesomeness behind them and their businesses.


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  • I bet it was a wonderful little tea shop too, Eloise! So sad!

    • Lisa Chow
  • That is so unbelievably sad. I used to work in a small tea shop and when we shut down i cried for days! You have inspired me to reconsider where my money goes!
    x Eloise – Jazzlipsandtulips

    • Eloise - Jazzlips&tulips