Girl on Girl

I get girl crushes. A lot.

I crush on girls who:

  • have really short hair
  • have really long hair
  • have any well executed hairstyle
  • have cool nail polish
  • can pull off hats
  • can play instruments
  • are funny
  • are brave
  • are named Tina Fey
  • are named Martha Stewart
  • are named Karen O

You get the idea. 

So as an ode to all the bada$$ girls, women, ladies and ma'ams out there, I'm doing a little series I call "Cool Girls" and they're basically all the cool girls I admire and want to befriend.

Also because, to quote one of the classics...there's just too much "girl on girl crime" in this mad, mad world.

I'm not sure how many of these mini portraits I'll do but you can see the entire collection at Catalina Coffee come April 1. 

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