Takes a Village


If you're in Houston, visit Space Montrose. Not only are they currently the exclusive retailer to stock my entire collection of paper goods, their shop is chock full of carefully selected goodies from independent designers, artisans and crafters. Owner, Leila, knows how to throw a party. Co-owner, Carlos, kicks butt on the mic. And their son is stinkin adorable to boot.

If you're not in Houston...I'm working on it. 

I've got my wholesale catalog all prettied up and I'm making a wishlist of shops and boutiques to send it to. If you have a favorite store you'd like to see my items in, let me know. And even better...let them know. It takes a village.

You don't even want to know how long I spent making that cute little heart picture up there. Adobe Illustrator, you win this round.

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  • Chelsea

    Thank you for the suggestion :) I’m moving to Houston in August for grad school (woo hoo!) and will have to check this place out :)
    xoxo chelsea at http://nowismagic.blogspot.com

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