Ski Socks

It's the day before my paper goods launch party and I'm feeling the way I used to before a big exam.

You see, many moons ago, when I was just another capri wearing, Abercrombie & Fitch loving, Sex and the City adoring coed...while my counterparts were underage drinking, fraternity party hopping and relationship hustling...I was studying.

I would spend the week leading up to a big test (who am I kidding, any test) poring over my notes. Music was a distraction. TV was turned off. Door closed. It was just me and my notebook. However, inevitably, the night before the test, my brain would finally throw up a white flag and proclaim enough was enough. I had squeezed as many facts, equations, bits of code as my poor brain could contain and it could contain no more. It was time to close the notebook, rejoin the free world and leave the rest up to fate.

So today, while there are still plenty of bows to tie, balloons to gather and goody bags to transport...the white flag is up.

Ski socks are a drafty-wood-floored-1930s-bungalow homeowning girl's best friend. Frasier is a close second.

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  • I’m wearing ski socks right now haha. Looking forward to the paper party :)

    • Anh