Jerry Maguireing

I draw things. I draw feminist things. And I draw them for your daughter.

Because raising our daughters to believe in themselves, to value themselves and to treat others with compassion is beautiful but we'd be fooling ourselves if we believed that was enough. Because one day, and one day much too soon, she will leave this tiny circle of home and enter the very real world of a still very patriarchal society. Because we would be doing her an injustice if we let her believe the generation before her and the ones before that had succeeded in feminism. To let her believe patriarchy is dead is to let her be blind to the many ways it still exists. And to be blind would be to accept. And that just can't happen. 

How do I know we don't yet live in a society where gender biases do not exist? 

Because when child care costs more than rent and when women are still being paid less or groomed to participate more in lower paying jobs, guess who will stay home to care for the children? Because maternity leave is a joke and paternity leave is nonexistent and it no longer becomes a choice. 

Because I have eyes and can see it splashed across advertisements, portrayed in movies, featured in magazines and taunting me from store windows. 

Because even I, a self proclaimed feminist, perpetuate gender inequalities. Daily. In the ways I think about myself and others. I'm working on it. 

To let my daughter believe being her best self is enough isn't enough. She needs to know she will still need to shoulder the burden of change and that it will take many more generations to come. 

And so, I draw feminist things for our daughters not only so they will know they deserve better but so they will know they still need to work for a society that will believe they deserve better too. 

In addition to my artwork, I am trying to leverage my strength and knowledge and experience in the maker community to bring awareness. In the coming months, I will be working to realize a pipe dream of mine: an online community and market of female makers; by women for girls. 

From this generation, to the next.

From moms, to daughters.

From sister, to sister.

From friend, to fellow badass friend.

From me, to you.

First, I want to create a retail destination where you can find beautiful, thoughtful, lovingly made items for your daughters. I want you to feel good about these items, so I would love to curate one-of-a-kind/limited edition items that give back. And, I want those items to come from female entrepreneurs. And, I want to pay them wholesale because I want to put my money where my mouth is and my mouth believes in them. (This one hits home for me as I personally struggle with being present for my daughter while finding time to work so I can show her mother is also a contributor.)

Second, I would like to foster a community of women and makers and daughters. How, is still a bit in the air but I would love to host maker fairs and book clubs and workshops and yoga classes and mentor/mentee programs and kid classes...just to name a few. =P

And to do these things, I need your help. 


I need to find these female entrepreneurs and they need to find me. Do you make something amazing? Is it for ladies? Would you be willing to make something for ladies? Would you be interested in collaborating? Let's connect. Yes, I am looking for a specific aesthetic and I won't be able to work with everyone but please connect and I am happy to direct you to a  compatible outlet if I'm not yours. 

Do you have a special talent? Something to share? Can you advise me on hosting a fair? Can you host a workshop? Show me what you've got and let's work together.

Please support me. In the coming months, what I can make from my own business will go into this new venture. To jump start this initiative, I am offering a 30% off discount in my shop with code "TINYSOCIETY" for the next month or so.

Because to build pipe dreams, to build opportunities, to build a tiny change, it's gonna take a village. 

It's gonna take a village to build a Tiny Society. 

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