The F Word

I thought I wanted to create work that would empower girls. In earlier versions of this collection, I incorporated encouraging words like "brave" and "strong" and "free". But the longer I thought about it, the more those words left a bad taste in my mouth. And I have come to realize it is because...I don't want to empower girls.

Wanting to empower girls was to imply girls needed empowering.

And to be honest, all the girls I know are pretty damn badass as is. They don't need pandering to. 

Not to mention, using words like "brave" and "strong" as aspirational traits could imply being "delicate" and "fragile" was somehow wrong. Somehow, in an attempt to encourage girls, I was going down the road of telling them to be more traditionally masculine. And while there is nothing wrong with traditionally masculine traits, what's wrong with traditionally feminine traits?

In the end, I decided the only word that really embodied the message I wanted to get across was the word Feminist. Boil it down. Serve it neat. Straight up. Just treat everyone based on their actions and merits without any preconceived notions because of their gender. 

The word feminist has gotten a bad rep. But it's time to take the word back. 

I'm dropping the F bomb.

F bomb dropped.

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