2016 Gift Guide - Black & White

My artwork is colorful. My wardrobe is not. If you, or someone you know, would also like to blend in with the zebras, check out this nifty selection from some of my favorite local Houston ladies.
- Boobs sweatshirt from Myth & Symbol. Because boobs.
- Wool and clay necklace from Kari Breitigam. Like a tiny, elegant scarf appropriate for Texas weather.
- Black silk dress from Evens. If I were fancy, this would be me fancy.
- Pocket square from Kathrine Zeren. Pocket square or HANDKERCHIEF? Cold season has hit me hard and I'm finding handkerchiefs are gentler on the nose, better for the environment and just plain prettier.
- Raw silk top from Sunchild. I love a flouncy top.
- Cylinder bag from Julia Gabriel. So geometric. So good.
- Coco necklace from Girl Crush Project. Because every zebra needs a necklace and because 10% goes back to the ACLU. 

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