Art Lessons from a One Year Old

Why must art be taken so seriously?

Why must it hang in a gallery or win awards for it to be art?

Why must artist statements read like a therapist's notepad?

Why must we dissect every line and critique every shade?

Why must it be art historically relevant?

Why must art be difficult and unapproachable and aloof?

Why do I have to appreciate art?

Why can't I just like art? 

Why can't I just think the colors are pretty?

Why can't I just like the way it plays off my curtains?

Why can't I touch it?

Why can't I taste it?

Why can't art just be fun again?

Art is fun when I watch my one year old squish globs of paints in her tight little fists until the neon pink and the neon yellow turn into awesome new streaks of neon orange. Art is fun when we take turns stabbing crayons and make dots when we're gentle and make streaks when we're not. Art is fun when we color outside the lines because what are lines.

Art with a one year old is just plain fun.

You wanna know why?

Art is fun with her because...who cares.

Who cares what anyone thinks? 

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  • Brandon Jones

    Wonderfully said, Lisa. I am an elementary art teacher and I still find myself taking art too seriously. Thanks for sharing and you have wonderful art. I wish you were closer so you could speak with my class.

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