Slowing Down

I have often been asked how long it takes me to complete a drawing and the honest answer is not very long at all. I've always been eager to capture my ideas as quickly as possible for fear they would evaporate and disappear as quickly and as randomly as they appeared. So once the idea is in my head, it's a pretty quick transition from sketch to final composition. 

But this rapid fire way of creating and producing comes with a drawback. Sometimes, in my eagerness to constantly create new pieces and have something fresh to Instagram/Facebook/social-media-whatnot, I push out drawings that I'm not really excited about. 

They are fine. They are shareable. But, if I had allowed a little more time for the idea to germinate and the process a little more space to breath, maybe.....just maybe....something spectacular could happen. 

Which brings me to today. Today, I'm chasing after an almost one year old (more about that later, I can't even deal right now) about 23/7. Today, ideas are forced to sit in my head for days before I find five minutes to roughly jot it down. Today, for some reason, I have taken to weaving and yarns and looms which by nature, require a more methodical, repetitive and forced-to-take-it-slow process.

And you know what? 

This forced slowing down is helping me examine and reexamine my pieces. The weaving process has forced me to stitch and unstitch and restitch over and over and forcing me to stare at the same piece long enough to really evaluate it. This forced slowing down has allowed me space to contemplate new mediums, new techniques and new practices.

I used to be go, go, go.

But maybe, there's a little charm in taking it slow. 

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