Out with the old...

It's been a long time coming. I've been feeling the itch for a while. It's time to shake things up.

In order to make room for new ideas, new perspectives, new mediums and new risks, I'm officially archiving A LOT of my older work and merch. A little drastic? Probably. Career suicide? Maybe.

But it's time.

Call it a little studio/portfolio/business spring cleaning. Call it an art equivalent midlife crisis. Call it whatever you want. It's all gotta go.

For a limited time, use the code 'BYEBYE' during checkout to receive 50% off soon-to-be archived items on my website. Once this sale is over, these items will be archived and no longer available. You may still be able to find some of these older items through select stores. But no promises. So get it while you can! PLUS, free US shipping for orders over $100.

The up side to all this cleaning and clearing...lots of exciting new things coming very soon. ;) 

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