For the Babes

Ah, babies. So fun to shop for yet, so unrewarding. Because, who are we kidding...what babies really want is that laptop cord, your phone, that choking hazard death toy and what the cat's eating. So, do what I do and shop for yourself. Buy the baby things you want. Cause then at least you'll have a cool toy to play with when that rugrat is chewing on the box it came in. 

Here are a few cool places to buy something for yourself, I mean, for baby.

1. Vanessa, of Big Blue Whale, has curated the cutest toy store in all the land. Not only does the space transport you back in time to when toy stores looked like toy stores (and not like a toy warehouse) but she's got a little something for everyone. Looking for classic Steiff teddy bears? She's got them. Feeling nostalgic and want a slinky? Check. Niece wants a Frozen costume? Done and done. Need silly white elephant donut knee socks? Blammo.

...clockwise from top left...

2. Purple Mango is a little children's boutique tucked in the Rice Village shopping area. Buy your Blabla dolls here. 

3. I love Space Montrose for many reasons. And one of those reasons is because they support and carry some amazing artwork (like yours truly =P). If you're looking to add artwork to a nursery or kid's room and want to forego the typical lame kid offerings, might I suggest taking a look at Jillian Nickell, Nicky Davis, Graham Franciose or myself?

4. The best book selection in town can be found at Brazos Bookstore and that's because the staff actually reads and picks what goes on their shelves. Their children's book nook? Adorable.

5. When I want to splurge on baby clothes, I go to Baby, Go Green. This Houston based online shop has the best designer kids' clothes. Tip, follow them on instagram @babygogreen for discount codes. It's the only way I can splurge on an artist's budget. ;)

6. What's baby's sign? My Astro prints have hand finished gold constellation stars. Each print is seriously one of a kind. ;)

And finally, because all this effort is going to be wasted and your little tot will probably be competing with the cat for those curls of ribbons and scraps of wrapping paper, maybe you should just wrap up some extra big boxes and stuff them full of packaging supplies. So in essence, the real baby AND CAT gift guide:

7. Emerson Sloan has got holiday wrapping, party decor, gifting embellishments and general knickknackery. Personal favorites include funny straws and more donut socks.

8. Birch and Goldberry because hand painted wrapping paper. HAND. PAINTED. WRAPPING. PAPER.

And, that's a wrap (punny!) on my gift guides this year. I hope you'll join me in shopping small. =)



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