For the Gents

One might consider my candy colored art, my cat lady tendencies, my love of fancy manicures and assume I must dress like Zooey Deschanel, Snow White or some such nonsense. One would be wrong. Hahahahahaha. Oh. So. Wrong.

I love dresses. Love. I've been known to try one on from time to time. But for daily wear, I can't be bothered to remember to sit like a lady.

No, I love me some sturdy flannel, practical suspenders and man shoes. Quite often, my guy friends will tell me they love my outfit...because they would wear it. Dude, I dress like a man. Ask my husband. One time, I cut my hair really short and things got too real and I had to grow that out quick.

TLDR: Inside, I'm a rainbow unicorn. Outside, I'm a lumberjack with a glitter ax.

All that to say, I probably had more fun putting together this gents gift guide than my ladies gift guide because I got to visit...

1. Manready Mercantile. If I were to describe Manready as in one of those indecipherable mixology menus, it would look something like: Burly, rugged, masculine Americana. Hints of tobacco, gunpowder, campfires, worn leather, yesteryears and a dash of husky whiskey breathe. Best enjoyed in a log cabin.

Clothing, accessories, footwear, drinkware, artifacts, relics, pantry items and even taxidermied stag heads; there's something for everyone.  

...clockwise from top left...

2. A bow tie from Fox & Brie because a dapper fellow is a bow tied fellow. I got my hands on one of Jess' bow ties a couple years ago and I'm still trying to master the bow.

3. Your choice of Paul Bunnyan, Catticus Finch or Fred Abear from my gentlemen's line of stationery sets. Because everyone wins when pun-ny names are involved, amirite?

4. Texas proud. Get your I Texas Texas and I Texas BBQ tshirts from Teresa of Hello-Lucky. Not only was she one of the first to believe in my work and give me a chance, she's kind of a creative, super genius herself. 

5. If the men in your life are anything like mine, they are huge, giant NERDS. Get them their nerd toys at Insomnia. If I'm being honest, I kind of love the nerd toys too. =X

6. Abbie, of Made in Rye, is the biggest sweetheart, ever. She gifted me a delicate pearl necklace right before Margot was born and as luck would have it, Margot means pearl. So, I never take this little token from Abbie off. Abbie also has some amazing leather goods that could work for both the gents and the ladies. These leather filing folders would definitely up anyone's paperwork game. You can also find some of Abbie's work at local favorite, Space Montrose.

Next up...BABES!

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