For the Ladies

This holiday season, I am challenging all of us to shop small more. Much more.

To help give you some ideas, I am going to be rounding up a couple of gift guides featuring my personal favorite smalls and locals. So, every item included is either made in The Lone Star State or can be purchased at one of our fine local establishments.

If you are not currently located in Texas, I encourage you to relocate here as quickly as possible. You're missing out. Kolaches.

Just kidding. You can stay put. Buuuuut, might I suggest supporting our local economy? ;)

Alrighty! Let's get this show on the road! First up...LADIES!!!

1. Kari Breitigam is a new-to-me favorite. She was a fellow vendor at the last couple fairs I did and I keep stalking her gorgeous necklaces. I especially love her woven piece below. I feel like I can finally wear jewelry without fear I'm going to poke my curious baby in the eye.



...clockwise from top left...

2. Everything Jessica and William from Son of a Sailor makes is beautiful. Simple, clean, modern and beautiful. It doesn't hurt that they are just plain nice folks as well. And I think this little peach pocket knife would go well with my obnoxious pink mace.

3. I rub my face into my baby. A lot. So I have slowly started replacing my old makeup with new, green, healthier choices. RMS Beauty is my new favorite. Houstonians, you can find it at our local Kuhl-Linscomb. If you haven't heard of Kuhl-Linscomb till're welcome. And my condolences to your credit card.

4. Ok. So, I saw this ax on Manready Mercantile's Instagram feed a while back and haven't been able to get it out of my mind since. It's a splurge. It's custom. I don't even know if they still offer it. I can't afford it anyways. But. How BADASS would I be with this ax? I would be one BADASS MOTHER...shut yo mouth.

5. There goes Son of a Sailor being all amazing with their products again. This time, it's a gold embellished key chain. I already have this one. I don't need another one, right? But if you do, The Tinderbox carries SOS's wares as well. 

6. If I could afford to throw away my entire wardrobe and recreate from new, I would probably one stop shop at Myth & Symbol. Beautifully curated items from small labels like these Rachel Comey booties. Sigh.

7. Rachel, of Poppy and Fern, and I were booth mates once and it was the best fair ever. I have this necklace with my initial on it. I think I need one with my husband's and one with my baby's initials too. And one of each of my cats. Then, I can walk around wearing BLAMP on my chest. This makes sense to me.

8. Christina, from Sunchild, has impeccable taste and perfect bangs. She's one of those people you hate to love. I have this exact tote, this ring is sadly lost somewhere in my car and I keep stalking this shirt


9. LaMochi is another fellow vendor I was recently introduced to. Sarrah is funny, honest and passionate about fair trade. I love fair trade too. I love fair wages. I love...color! Look at the colors! 

10. And we mustn't forget little ole me. I get it, art is tricky to gift. You should be brave and just do it anyways. =P But, if you're a little less risk adverse. Cards are a great option. And I've got some pretty nifty ones, if I may say so myself. 

Next up...Gents!

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