Challenge Accepted

I've got a challenge for you. Don't worry. I've got a challenge for me too.

We love our small businesses. We follow them on Instagram. We like them on Facebook. We may even visit their shop/booth/website and leave a kind word. We rally for them to succeed. We preach Small Business Saturday to anyone who will listen.

And this kind of support goes a long way. Trust. It is definitely appreciated.



We should be putting our money where our mouth is...more.

It is so easy to shop big. Big shops offer small prices and small prices are just so delicious. With literally one click, I can literally buy anything I want and have it on my doorstep in two days. SO EASY.


When you shop small, you are supporting an artisan whose prices reflect their talent and skill. When you email small, your words are being read by the actual business owner. When you receive small, your shipment was carefully packaged in the dimly lit home studio of a pajama clad artist after her baby had finally, FINALLY gone to sleep. 

We need to support small more. I need to support small more.

In an effort to shine more light on some of my favorite smalls, I will be pulling together a few gift guides for this gift giving season. All smalls. All businesses I have actually, monetarily supported in the past or plan to do so in the near future.

TLDR: Shop small this holiday season. I'm here to help.


Please shop small...all year long.

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  • Laurie Mills

    Great post! I accept your challenge. :)

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