Lisa Chow x Tiny Deer Studio

Girl Crush: Jessica Watkins of Tiny Deer Studio
Work: Photography
Location: Houston, TX

Story: One of my favorite memories with Jessica is when I asked her to take some product photos for me a couple of years ago. I brought bags of candy, boxes of macarons, spools of ribbon and confetti-galore (all in the name of proper photo styling) to her space. And she brought the talent. We giggled and swooned and picked over the dorkiest details (like proper sprinkles placement) for hours. I walked away with amazing photos of my work AND the knowledge of having found a fellow cute-tiny-sweet-colorful-girly-things appreciating artist-sister.

Jessica's work creates a delightful miniature world in which I wish I could Alice-in-Wonderland-drink-me-potion myself so I could frolic for a spell. Some of my favorites:

  • A cat because duh
  • Classic tiny deer
  • Whoever designed this pin, is kind of a genius. =P

Collaboration: I draw houses and quite a few bunnies. Jessica had been itching to craft something new and floral. With our powers combined, we created a pastel floral hutch for one very special bunny.

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