Welcome to the Dollhouse

As my husband has pointed out, I have a tendency to over explain things and I'm about to over explain myself. You ready?

Are you familiar with blind box toys? Basically, it's like collecting baseball cards but more awesome and less...baseball. A random toy from a specific series is enclosed in a box and it's a surprise which one you'll get. Blind box toys are addictive (cause you wanna collect them all) and fun (the anticipation of opening a new box) and not fun (when you get a duplicate) and life affirming (when you get the elusive toy) and soul crushing (when you get the inevitable ugly one...there's always an ugly one) all at once. 

My personal blind box weakness: Unicornos. Obviously.

And many of today's subscription services are built upon that blind box toy model; a curated box of items arrive on your doorstep once a month and it's a complete surprise what will be inside. This concept is great because with several items in one box, chances are you'll like something in it. But. You might also not like 90% of what's in it. Plus, there's the whole subscription part of it that makes my commitment phobic side itch.

So basically, I wish for a one-time giant blind box where I know pretty much what's going to be in it but will still leave an element of surprise for when it arrives on my doorstep. And because I can't seem to find this thing. And because one of my favorite parts of running this business is packaging your orders and throwing in confetti and making it extra pretty...

I figured the logical thing to do would be to make my own blind box series. 

That makes sense.


<insert crickets>

Well, it's happening anyways because I want this to exist.

I'm putting together my first blind box. And I have an entire narrative tied to it that will have to wait for another overly explained post.

Suffice it to say, the theme for the first box is Welcome to the Dollhouse. The box will contain goodies like...an exclusive print, a cheeky keychain and a membership card with your own unique club nickname. (High Unicorn Priestess is already taken unfortunately.) Over the next few weeks, I'll show sneak peeks of some of the items that will end up in the box. But there will definitely be a couple items that I'll leave a surprise. The box will be dressed up to the nines so you'll be extra giddy when it arrives on your doorstep.

Who wants in?

First one gets dibs on Sparkle Rainbow Unicorn. 


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  • I’M SO IN, LISA! I’ve collected your prints for years and think this is a great idea! :)

    • Erin