Shop Talk: Fridays

Some Fridays are for long lunches and ducking out early for happy hour. Some Fridays are for impromptu pedicures and solo matinees. But this Friday is for catching up on my bookkeeping and making my studio photoshoot ready for tomorrow (more on this later!).



One of the great things about working for yourself is that your work schedule can be pretty much whatever you make it. Unfortunately, I've found that if I do decide to sneak out for that afternoon matinee, I'm usually making up for it by working late into the evening or into the weekend.


Actually, if I'm being honest...I often work late into the evenings and well into the weekends. My work is my baby and I have this notion the more I work, the more successful my baby will be. Free time be damned.


This will clearly need to change once real baby arrives.


Happy Friday!

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