Astro Inspiration

I'm often asked what inspires my work. And often, instead of the beautifully thought provoking answer I feel people expect, my mind goes blank, my tongue gets tied and random word diarrhea comes running out of my mouth. Word diarrhea. That's real life and real talk.


But my inspiration for the Astro collection is surprisingly clear; the little lady currently residing in my abdomen and playing whack-a-mole with my ribs is my new muse.


A few months back, I started looking up her astrological sign, her Chinese zodiac, her birthstone, etc...anything to give me a little glimpse into what this little person might be like. And when I learned she will likely be a Pisces, I wanted to create something special just for her. 


So the Astro collection was inspired by and dedicated to the little fishy swimming around in my gut. Who, thankfully, never gave me mouth diarrhea. =)

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