Lisa Chow x Made in Rye

Girl Crush: Abigail McKenzie of Made in Rye
Work: Jewelry and Leather
Location: Houston, TX

Story: One of my most treasured items is a delicate pearl necklace gifted to me by Abbie during my pregnancy. She didn't know at the time, but my top baby name contender meant 'pearl' in French. And then soon after, Abbie trekked across the country to Brooklyn to wander, to learn and to broaden. Lucky for me, she came home.

Abbie's work manages to strike a beautiful balance between rugged and delicate. Some of my favorites:

Freshwater Pearl & Silk Necklace

Frances Schoolhouse Carry Portfolio

Classic Lunch Sack

Collaboration: I had been hoarding a hefty slice of iridescent leather with no idea what to do with it. Then, I thought of Abbie and her amazing leatherwork. I popped the question. She said yes. And the rest is iridescent leather tassel history. 


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