Is that Poop?

You know those creatives/bloggers/makers with the perfect studios/offices/desks? Their workspaces are picture perfect and clutter free. There's always soft morning sunlight cascading through sheer curtains no matter what time of day it seems to be. Their desk accessories match. They buy white things and their white things stay white. Their pencils are always sharpened. Their coffee mugs match their nails.


I am not that person. 


I currently work out of two rooms in our house; one is studio and one is office/storage. And trust, my workspaces are disgusting. Literally. I share my office with the cats' bathroom and at this very moment, someone is making a turd.


But with renewed energy brought on by the new year...and out of sheer necessity because I am being evicted from my studio by baby girl come Spring...I am organizing, decluttering, consolidating and beautifying my work space. So far, I'm done with the major organizing, decluttering and consolidating. Onto my favorite...SHOPPING! Somehow, I feel way less guilty shopping when it's legit business expenses. ;)



These are just a few things I've got my eye on for the beautification process:
Jackalope White Faux Taxidermy $65
Pillow Michelle Dwight $38 
Storage Boxes IKEA $7
Pig Bookends CB2 $30
File Cabinet CB2 $159
Stapler Shop by Monika $28
Tape Dispenser Shop by Monika $28
Thumbtacks Kate Spade $24


  • Lisa Chow

    You are SO sweet! I would LOVE to work with ya! Oh that would be so exciting. =D

  • Kimberly Chau Lee

    I just ADORE your colors for your office space! I can’t wait to see the finished project and I would love to photograph it for you. I think it would make a great feature on a home tour blog/magazine. You definitely have an eye for things! :)

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