Heart Day

Thanksgiving is dead. Christmas is over. New Year's came and went uneventfully. My favorite time of year is officially over. Boo.

BUT. Then, I remember VALENTINE'S DAY! Oh, Valentine's Day with all your pink and hearts and chocolates and flowers and gag-inducing sweetness and forced romantic gestures. I hate to love you. 

But I do secretly love you. I love you way more now that I have a husband who has to play along. I hated you during my awkward adolescent years. That was just mean and cruel and uncalled for. 

And because I must play my part in this deliciously commercialized greeting card company created holiday, my beloved City Love Postcard set is back in stock with new red envelopes. Grab some while my shop sale is still going strong. 

Here's wishing you (me) boxes of macarons, fluffy carnations and truffle arugula pizza. (hint hint husband)

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