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Last Minute Gifts

Last call! Orders placed by today will likely make it in time for Christmas delivery. Use code "BYE2016" for 20% off the entire site and free US shipping for all orders $25+.
And, last but most importantly, if you still need last minute gifting ideas (or ideas year round) please consider making a donation to some of the following nonprofit organizations that I have personally donated to in 2016.


I have mixed feelings about #girlboss. 

Reasons I love #girlboss:

  • It is a rally cry for us to get up and to be seen.
  • The sisterhood of entrepreneurs, makers, artists, movers and shakers who identify with it and embrace those who do so as well.
  • The community it can create.
  • The example it can set for young girls who still might doubt.
  • It is damn catchy.
  • It looks great on a sweatshirt.

Reasons I don't love #girlboss:

  • I ain't no girl. I'm a damn woman.
  • I don't need...

2016 Gift Guide - Black & White

My artwork is colorful. My wardrobe is not. If you, or someone you know, would also like to blend in with the zebras, check out this nifty selection from some of my favorite local Houston ladies.
- Boobs sweatshirt from Myth & Symbol. Because boobs.
- Wool and clay necklace from Kari Breitigam. Like a tiny, elegant scarf appropriate for Texas weather.
- Black silk dress from Evens. If I were fancy, this would be...

Art and Motherhood

There have been a bunch of recent articles quoting the very famous Marina Abramović declaring motherhood would have been a detriment to her art. And then, obviously, the internet went into a hoopla. A. HOOPLA.

As someone who is a woman, is an artist (albeit significantly less famous) and is a mother, I thought I'd chime in.

I don't condemn Abramović for her general thoughts on motherhood. It's true, being a mother is a lot of work and does require an enormous amount of energy. And for a...

Bake Sale

Original. Home baked. Made from scratch.

I'm whipping up a bunch of new sweets inspired house drawings and each one is a winner.


I'm giving each house it's own high school superlative inspired award. Think Best Hair.


I'm cutting out award ribbons you can attach to each framed house.

I know, I'm a dork. But, oh my goodness, it makes me so happy when things come in neat little...